Last weekend kicked off this years’ AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) convention in New Orleans. I was meant to attend but, sadly, it fell casualty to my own pets’ needs. Luckily, I have Mr. Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS to keep me informed on how the AVMA’s House of Delegates voted on the issue of veal calf confinement (see below for the link).

I checked on this myself and read that the AVMA, bless its (our?) soul, finally came out and said it: Confinement is bad for calves. Let’s be done with it. Find more humane alternatives and move on to the next hotbed of animal welfare discontent. Here’s the statement:

The AVMA supports a change in veal husbandry practices that severely restrict movement, to housing systems that allow for greater freedom of movement without compromising health or welfare.

Me? I like to give credit where credit is due, even when it’s clear the statement’s long overdue. But Mr. Pacelle is not so friendly towards the AVMA. He likes to jab when the jabbing’s good.

PETA complains of Pacelle’s lax pace on animal rights issues and, as if on cue, he regurgitates this argument against the AVMA:

The action taken this weekend does at least show respect for the position that HSVMA advocated, and reflects some awareness that the AVMA is lagging noticeably and dangerously behind.

In his blog post from July 21st titled, “The Dr. Will Free You Now,” Mr. Pacelle lets rip with an indictment of the AVMA and its “lagging…behind,” all the while plugging his veterinary organization, the HSVMA.

Could it be he fears the AVMA’s clear and present attempts to revise its positions on animal welfare, to modernize its approach to animal agriculture?

After all, if the AVMA makes good, as we veterinarians within its ranks are pressing it to do, how’s Pacelle going to keep his HSUS coffers stuffed on the pretext of incestuous ties to the veterinary profession?