What a question! I’ll bet you didn’t know that we vets think as long and hard about our prices as you do when confronted with an estimate for your pet’s care. How much should we charge for an ear hematoma, unblocking a cat, a dental cleaning, a bloat?

It’s not easy to figure it all out. But I reckon it’s even tougher on your side. We know exactly how much it costs us to bring you our services—while you have no clear way of knowing unless we tell you and you trust our information.

It’s even rougher when you don’t trust us or when you simply can’t afford our prices. That’ll find you scouring your locale for evidence that you’re not being fleeced or for less expensive options, respectively.

I know you feel compelled to research these things. You’ve emailed me your estimates (nicely scanned in some cases—kudos to the high-tech among you), called our hospital begging for a baseline estimate on X, Y or Z procedure (hard to do when we haven’t even seen your pet), and submitted comments on this blog requesting comparable pricing information.

In response to your obvious concern, I’m working on a whole new series of posts dealing with this specific topic. For those of you begging me to use my MBA-grad’s currently indolent brain on your behalf, I’ll do my best to bring you the latest on what vet services typically cost and why your estimate might be higher or lower than the average.

Because this kind of information and its explanation is so crucial to what we vets do on a daily basis, I’m hoping to make things easier not only for you but, selfishly, for us too.

A well-educated client is my best friend. A mistrustful one can be my worst enemy. This new category of “Pet Economics 101” posts (which I’ll try to file once a week) is my contribution to making more of you members of the former category.

Tell me you think it’s a great idea…