Aside from the ten learning points I addressed in the previous post, you should all know about some new products on the horizon for your pets. Conferences like this one are where the big companies roll out their new stuff. That’s big news for vets…and for you, too. At some point down the road you’ll be hearing about some of these so get ready.

Drum roll, please:

1-Vetmedin: The new “miracle drug” for congestive heart failure in dogs. OK, so that’s a boring one to start off with but I’m excited about it, nonetheless. Does that make me a vet geek?

2-Dexdomitor: We need more anesthetic drugs for cats. This one promises some pain control along with its relaxing effects and potential reversibility (though its reversibility through the drug Antisedan is not approved for cats). For dogs, it’s an improvement over the reversible Domitor.

3-There’s a new once a month flea killer for dogs: Comfortis by Eli Lilly. It’s a pill, like Capstar, only it lasts about a month. Problem is it’s available by prescription only. That’s because 12% of dogs threw up after receiving it with an additional 10% showing some additional GI signs like reduced appetite or diarrhea. Supposedly, the symptoms decrease with every month of administration but it’s still a big issue. Nonetheless, I’ll be happily trying it out on my truly frustrating flea allergy/infestation cases.

4-Fort Dodge has a new topical flea and tick killer approved for dogs and cats. Promeris is a new compound called Metaflumizone so we’ll have to see how safe and effective it truly is—especially against the ticks our Frontline and Advantix are hard pressed to control.

5-Omigod pet insurance is exploding as a category (That's why I'll have a post devoted to this topic later this week.) A variety of upstart organizations are now vying for a role in this market. While VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) reportedly owns over 80% of the pet insurance market, under 5% of the US pet owning public uses it. That’s a paltry figure for a country that otherwise seems to love insurance. Perhaps that’s because the plans haven’t exactly been up to speed with what pet owners really need. Here’s to hoping the new entries will make a real difference to those of you living in fear of a cruciate tear, bloat or diabetes.

6-Universal readers: They’re responding. I’d like to think that some of us have made a difference to how the microchip companies are playing their hand. Microchip readers that can spot the ISO and US standard chips are now being carried more widely by companies like HomeAgain and AVID. AVID still seems reluctant, though, while HomeAgain now doesn’t even distribute the outdated, non-universal scanners.

Those are the biggies. Does that buy me any CE credit? Hmmmm.....