There’s a website for everything out there so why not one for the three-legged dogs in our midst? Started by a husband and wife team after their dog’s leg was amputated, caters to everything the tripod dog owner needs to excel in caring for their special-needs canines.

From forums and product recommendations to medical information and moral support, this site has it all. It has more useful tips and uplifting tidbits related to its one corner of the pet world like I’ve rarely seen for any one specific pet problem. Though the feline diabetes folks have their thing going (and they do it soooo well), this slick amputee startup might well rival their numbers in record time.

For the record, I love to see people get out there and make things happen when bad s--- happens to their pets. Instead of moping and grieving over their dog’s osteosarcoma (the cancer that occasioned their dog’s amputation), they’re out there enjoying their dog’s life and educating people on what they can expect for their own tripods.

As someone who has lost a dog to bone cancer, I have to admit this site hits home closer than most. Still, I’d like to see zillions of websites like this one out there. Fibrosarcoma? Bloat? Skin allergies? Ear infections? Periodontal disease? Why not?

As one of my clients said to me the other day after we discussed her dog’s potentially cancerous condition, “When you step in dog s---, don’t get upset. Look down first and check to see if it goes with your outfit.”

Sure, it’s a zany notion, but it seems universally true that people who know how to make the most out of everything life has to offer are the happiest among us. And they’re also the ones I want to get to know better. Thanks again to my new friends at Tripawds!