Miami is a movie town. It’s not just that we like to watch.  The film industry also likes to produce its stuff down here. The warm weather and South Beach are a big draw for an industry tired of the same old Hollywood hospitality.

Maybe that’s why “Marley and Me” (based on the eponymous book on the life of a dog who dies after bloating—twice) is being filmed down here in sunny Miami—in a hospital near me!

(Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are the stars of this project, unlikely though they may seem to anyone who’s read the book.)

Lately, the producers have been scouting for vet sites all over town. One of them even called me the other day. She’d apparently been informed of my practice promiscuity in the earlier days of my professional career in Miami, hence my resource-worthiness.

After I confessed that I’d actually read “Marley and Me,” she wanted to know where she could find a practice to suit the film. Ummmm….in Phialdelphia?

For those of you who haven’t read it, this book (which has a way of tugging at your heartstrings better than most books of its ilk) is set in the Northeast in a homey sort of animal hospital.

Problem is, most high-end Miami vet hospitals tend towards the modern Miami Vice-ish look (glass block, sleek furniture, bright lighting, pastel colors, etc.). I couldn’t for the life of me think of a hospital or clinic that would suit the needs of a film crew and offer the kind of character this producer was seeking. No way.

Finally, I offered up my boyfriend’s hospital (Miami Veterinary Specialists)—a high tech place with plenty of room for a film crew and lots of blank space ideal for refitting to a the aesthetic whims of a meticulous production team.

But they had already been there—and thought it too high tech and modern. And that’s where I launched into my interior designer mode: Move the ultrasound machines, remove the fluid pumps, add a façade of green mid-century tiling, etc…

After I was done with her I think I’d made some headway. Maybe I’ll get a little finder’s fee for my two cents. At minimum, I expect to be compensated via star power. The least the “Marley and Me” folks can do is to let me watch Owen and Jennifer work, don’t you think?