No, it's not a foray into a bad joke. It's my life at the moment.

I'm on my signifiicant others' tenth-year vet school reuniuon cruise to Belize and Cozumel. It's the first time I've been out of the country in twelve years...and I'm loving every minute--except for the hours I've spent worrying about how I'd ever manage to post my blog entries.

Shortly after embarking, I was informed that Macs are not this cruise line's forte. Consequently, there's no wireless available for ME.

After this news (which broke my heart and occasioned tears), I'd found myself a Spring Break boy with great tattoos, a killer tan...and a laptop. Hmmm...this might not be so bad after all...

So if you ever thought I wasn't a dutiful blogger, think again. As always, I'm selflessly considerate of you and your readership.

Now that I've tamed my seething anger over the wireless thing and gotten past the blogger's angst I'm so incorrigibly afflicted with (for now anyway), it's off to my private balcony for some solo sunbathing.

Yes, it's true...even vets deserve some time off to bask in the glorious Caribbean sunshine.

Though I miss my creatures (at home and at work), I'm feeling liberated now that I'm on a pet-free ship bound for ports-of-call where wildlife is the closest I'll get to my work life--except for the vets and our inability to talk long without the obligatory veterinary pillowtalk.

In fact, I don't think I've ever discussed novel blood clotting products at 11:30 at night over the strains of a mediocre salsa band. Does this mean this trip is tax deductible?

Predictably, most of the vets here are specialists and their spouses (who else can afford the time off and vacation fare?) but their company is supremely refreshing--not to mention stimulating blog fodder.

Throughout this personal adventure, I promise to still bring you news of exciting veterinary experiences gleaned from far frong locales as I get my tan on and hike the wilds of these thrilling Central American places.

Stay tuned...