You may think four dogs is not a very big sample size. Nonetheless, my experience has to count for something. Last month I put four middle-aged, morbidly obese dogs on a strict diet, explaining that if they didn’t lose a significant amount of weight (5 lbs for all 75 to 115-pounders in the group) we’d be forced to give Slentrol a go.

I started offering this to my serious cases last month as a challenge. And every owner who took me up was rewarded with more than five pounds of weight loss. One (the 115-pounder who should’ve weighed 75) even lost 12 pounds—in 30 days! No Slentrol necessary, thank you very much.

The complaints:

  • She never moves. She’s just a lazy dog.
  • He acts hungry all the time.
  • There’s nothing I haven’t tried.
  • She won’t even chase a ball and couldn’t run around the block if I dragged her.
  • He sits on the stoop in the pool and won’t swim.
  • I can’t get my family to stop feeding her treats.

So here’s what we did (with some tweaking for one food-allergic patient):

  • I changed them all from their premium commercial weight loss foods to a super-premium high protein diet at 1/3 less volume than they reported currently feeding (I let them choose one of four commercial brands).
  • We measured the exact amount of food they could eat and everyone went home with a measuring cup (ironically, thanks to Hill’s, which was not listed among my clients’ brand choices).
  • Carrot nibblers for treats—no exceptions!
  • At least five minutes of exercise a day with carrot nibbler incentives (all were previously non-exercised pets).
  • A half-dose NSAID pain reliever daily for the two most obese.

No magic. It worked. All dogs were reported to be more energetic (the two lighter, smaller ones much more so). Not only that, three out of four owners also reported their dogs didn’t act quite so hungry. Their excitement over their dogs’ weight loss was a high-five moment in every case. More weight loss is surely on the way. 

Slentrol? Not for my patients—not yet. Not as long as I can get more of my clients to listen to me. And now that I have four recent winners under my belt, this vet’s renewed energy level on behalf of her patients’ obesity surely means more of the same for next month.

I’ll keep you posted.