After my post on blogging, I received a nice bunch of e-mails from fellow pet bloggers urging me not to pull an Itchmo. Among these well-wishers, fellow pet industry geek Alex Krooglik of Embrace Pet Insurance offered me an analytical glimpse at why I shouldn’t give up:

Though I’m told most bloggers are mad about their stats, I confess to being somewhat oblivious of the traffic that makes its way through Dolittler. I check about once a month to make sure I’m still courting new visitors, but beyond that I’m largely clueless.

Among other things, Alex informed me that you, my dear readers, are reaching me in increasing numbers as a result of posts he singled out as my top ten.

By way of penning a quick post on the cusp of another busy day, it’s a great opportunity to offer you a round-up of Dolittler’s top-ten — by the numbers.

  1. Stray kitten forensics—not what this vet planned for Memorial Day
  2. Teeny-Tiny, Paris-Style Pocket Pooches: Why This Vet Can’t Stand The Hype On Tote-Sized Teacups
  3. Vets on the ground get no special treatment in pet food recall
  4. How to Make a Litterbox Cake
  5. C-Section Disasters…Another Good Reason Why [Most] Pets Don’t Need to Breed
  6. Xylitol: A Menace to Dogdom [That Deserves Its Place In the Garbage Heap of Products Gone Wrong]
  7. Why Vets Become Vets
  8. Why Tampons Do Not Make Good Dog Toys
  9. Feline abortion: often an unnerving necessity
  10. VetCentric: Is it tacky? Is it fair?

Have you any idea why these made the grade? I have some idea about the rest but I'll confess to being extra-mystified over number one on the list. That one's been read over 35,000 times. I’ll leave it up to you to enlighten me on why you liked these best…

Image: Zelda by monicaewagner