OK so it’s not exactly the most modest statement I’ve ever made but I’ll say it anyway:  I’m so proud of Dolittler! Lookie here, right under my logo is a beautiful banner belonging to perhaps the most intelligent sponsor in the pet world: Good News for Pets!

It's a milestone for sure and the culmination of lots of stresful legwork for this vet, as those of you reading Dolittler for a while will no doubt already know.

Pfizer, Novartis, Bayer, Fort Dodge, Boeringer-Ingelheim  (among others)? All declined to consider a direct Dolittler sponsorship for their inability to control its content (which, incidentally,  I think was a respectable, responsible thing to fess up to).

Clearly it takes courage, too, to look past all the opinionated veterinary ramblings of a slightly eccentric pet doctor and consider the bigger picture: A Web-based conversation on topics of veterinary concern is worth something, no matter how trivial, mundane or occasionally strange.

It deserves special mention, then, that Good News for Pets has chosen to go first. As a newbie to the world of professional online publishing I can only say, perhaps somewhat unprofessionally: THANK YOU Good News for Pets! You rock!

(And I hope everyone here clicks on your banner to prove how much your support is worth in keeping Dolittler alive and kicking!)