Pet insurance companies can now add another notch to their tally of marginally useful things achieved in the animal health arena. Their actuarial databases have uncovered the most entertaining top ten list since Letterman stopped being funny (OK, that was mean).

To the delight of vets everywhere, Veterinary Pet Insurance ranks the most oft-consumed, surgically retrieved non-comestibles pets treat themselves to. And guess what!? Socks top the list!

This may be no shock to you, especially to those retriever breed devotees among you, but it’s nice to know you’re not alone, right?

Here’s the list:

1. Socks

2. Underwear

3. Panty Hose

4. Rocks

5. Balls

6. Chew Toys

7. Corn Cobs

8. Bones

9. Hair Ties/Ribbons

10. Sticks

I love this list! I’ve also seen flip-flops, tampons, kids’ toys, fishing weights, tree ornaments, dental floss, knitting yarn and plastic objects way beyond any expectation of recognition. Indeed, anything that’s fit to chew or mouth can theoretically find its way to the neverland that is the GI tract.

So as we enter into this coming holiday season, keep this list handy. I sure hope you don’t end up contributing to next year’s top-ten list with your own pets’ misadventures!

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