Yep, it’s time again for some happy posting. Given the last few posts most of you regular readers are probably breathing a sigh of relief. Whew! She’s finally given up harping on THAT for a while. You’ll also be pleased to hear that tomorrow’s post is just as lighthearted in tone—and just in time for your Holiday shopping spree.

Here are the top ten things I’m thankful for this year…as a vet, a blogger and a pet owner, that is… (in no particular order—and sorry if you’ve heard some of this before):

1-Woo-hoo! I made someone else’s top-ten list this year. You might not think it’s much but my mother thinks it’s worth telling the world about (thank God for mothers!). Fox News put Dolittler on their top ten animal health blogs back in July. (PetConnection also made the list, for those of you unacquainted with its incisive blogging and wealth of material.)

2-The huge response online (and everywhere else) during the pet food recall last March. It shows the world how much our pets mean to us and it got the ball rolling on FDA reform in the animal arena. Thanks for proving your commitment to your pets on this issue.

3-Poppy. My goat. I’ve had one of the most enlightening years because of this creature. I never thought I would be so enthralled with this beautiful girl. I have nothing but praise for her (except when she jumps in the bathtub with me or tries to climb up on my bed).

4-For Vincent and Sophie Sue, whose antics never fail to amuse me and whose health issues keep me constantly on my toes. Just this year I’ve had ringworm, palate resections, nutrition, allergies, demodectic mange, aggression, inappropriate elimination, otitis externa, periodontal disease and intervertebral disc disease on my plate. How many pet owners can say that with just two dogs? (English bulldog owners need not opine.)

5- Michael Vick’s condemnation, conviction, sentencing and, now, prison time. Proof that pets best sports in at least one arena.

6-For the life and death saga of beloved megahorse, Barbaro, and the public recognition that individual racehorse welfare is important and should be the cornerstone of thoroughbred racing reform. And, of course, for the starring role veterinary medicine played throughout the process. Despite the poor outcome, it was clear we did our best—and that our best met a very high bar indeed.

7-For my patients and clients, whose collective experiences—tragic and triumphant, alike—provide the foundation for this blog’s endless stream of material.

8-For the specialists who frequently talk me down of the ledge and provide the free advice that helps me perform at my consistent best on behalf of my patients.

9-For my staff, people who clearly adore the creatures we work with, handle my daily bull---- with aplomb, and without whom I could never achieve even a fraction of the work we vets get credit for.

10-For you. Because I get about twenty thousand hits on this site every day, a fact that constantly reminds me that there are multitudes of people like you who really do care about your babies, regardless of what I might see in the hospital on any given day.

Thanks…to whomever is listening…

PS: Is there anything you're thankful for that deserves acknowledgement? Contribute below: