For the first of the year, 2008, I’ve resolved to make Dolittler better. Since I started writing blog entries (on December 15th 2005) and posting under (since May, 2006) I’ve made almost no changes to this site.

But I’ve been way pleased with this format since it went live. Sure, my sister says my goat photo is outdated. I’ve been told my snake pic on the “About Us” page is “goofy.” I can live with the pics (and the critique), but I can see how they might be better. Still, I like the simplicity of the overall design. I’ve been thrilled with it ever since my friend, Freddie Laker, offered to have his team at iChameleon design the site for a song—and let me use his proprietary blog software for FREE. (Some four-letter words are just irresistible.)

But it’s true, everyone complains about the font size and, more recently, about the “comment thing,” where your post-worthy comments end up in the ether rather than under the last reader’s remark.

So I’ve concluded it’s time for a makeover. But I’ve got ideas beyond a simple dressing up:

For starters, I’ve been playing with the podcasting thing for about a year now. I like my voice OK, but for some reason I can’t get the format just right. In other words, I tend to blab into my computer. Then I wish I could take back anything too edgy the same way I edit my own writing. But it finds me soooo frustrated, since I’m terrible at editing recordings on the computer.

Truth is, I’m just scared you won’t like my podcasts. But I’m still working on it—it’s enormously fun. So I plan to offer a weekly podcast to my repertoire as part of my New Year’s resolution.

The other feature I thought you might like is my Virtual Vet Hospital. No, it’s not an advice feature (like the ones I wrote about earlier this week), it’s more of a show-and-tell. Because I think I’d get a kick out of seeing your own pets in the throes of their veterinary adventures, I thought it might be interesting to have you post your pet pics (and all their clinical info) for us to see and enjoy or support you in your trials, whichever the case may be. It also gives me an opportunity to discuss clinical issues when it’s relevant to you—not months or years after your experience.

New pics are definitely on order. To that end, I have a photo session scheduled for the 3rd of December (acne begone!—I can only hope it listens). I guess my sweet vet school yearbook goat shot (see the crosshatched area to the right) has to go. The twenty-five year-old me is so cute, though—not to mention the Pygmy goat. My soft spot for this pic also extends to the photographer, favorite classmate and now PhD(!) veterinary oncologist extraordinaire at North Carolina State's vet school, Dr. Steve Suter. (I’m so proud!)

Yet change is inevitable if I’m to keep things fresh for you.

It could be worse. I might have decided that writing this blog’s not worth the trouble (no pay, lots of time, etc). But nothing could be further from the truth. Now that I have a little discretionary income from some consulting work that’s panning out (remember, I also have an MBA that occasionally comes in handy) I’m spending my extra dimes where my heart is.

But money doesn’t grow on trees. So I’d appreciate your input as to where it’s best allocated. Tell me what you think (as you always do) about my planned features. Opine on anything else that you might like to see change. If you're new to Dolittler, don't be shy. Just pray that your comments don’t get sucked up into the vast Internet void in the process. ;-)