It seems impossible that a mere three months after Poppy arrived I could’ve become so attached to her—and she to me. She’s hysterically funny, crazy-smart and won’t leave my side when she’s out of her pen.

Apart from some competitive behavior when facing off with my dogs (she threatens them mercilessly with head-butts) and the rare indoor bowel movement (if that’s what you call all those little rolling pellets), she’s the perfect pet. Thankfully, my dogs are smart enough to know when she means business. And the stools are way easier to pick up than any dog’s (a handy dustpan is all I require).

She follows me everywhere. Even yesterday’s shower was accompanied by her pitiful bleating at my bathroom door. I finally gave in and consented to an observed shower experience (she pushed her head past the curtain and craned her neck to get a good view until I was quite finished).

I don’t quite get her profound interest in my habits but I assume she’s easily bored and just needs some stimulus (though I can do without the shower thing). If she were a dog I’d say she had a bad case of separation anxiety disorder. But she’s a goat…so I have no idea.

The other thing she does frequently is actually quite annoying, though it proves her smarts and makes me laugh. Whenever I’m working on the computer, cooking or knitting and my activity becomes too monotonous for her (or when I fail to properly acknowledge her presence) she picks an item and tempts me to take it away or steer her from it. Some paper, a pencil, a knob on the stove—anything readily available and in my line of sight. I no longer reprimand her with the sharp, “leave it!” I grace my dogs with. I know she’ll get bored in no time and start watching me intently again.

I assume this is all normal behavior—except maybe the overly-vigilant bathroom issue. She just looks too smart to be watching anyone in the shower. Maybe I should get her a playmate—one that isn’t at risk of getting gored with each interaction (and doesn’t require showers).