Though we know a judge has heard our pleas and remanded Vick into the hands of our penal system (for what’s been deemed a [relatively] harsh 23 months), it’s clear that jail time will never be enough for some Vick-haters out there. And I won’t argue with them.

While we could go on at length debating whether Vick’s comeuppance is complete,  one thing is certain:

These 23 months were brought to you in part by…you.

To that end, I’d like to treat you to a sampling of what the Web has to offer by way of some entertaining Vick-bashing devised by creative bloggers, cartoonists and T-Shirt designers: offers even more. Here's a CafePress T-shirt for you or your pooch:

This one's more subtle, though the site offers up this T-shirt with the byline, " Behind every big dawg is an even bigger bitch." (Not so subtle.):

But I think this one's cute:

While this post may strike you as gratuitous and exploitative (I'll accept that), 23 months is only two years--and I need a little something more than that. Ridiculing an easy target just makes me feel better, what can I say? I'm just a pit-loving Vick-basher, too.