OK so it’s about time I mentioned the pigs (…and now maybe chickens). I have one thing to say: What were they thinking???

OK so maybe I have more than one—and they’re all questions:

Who sold this “surplus” food to pigs meant for human consumption? Was it appropriately labeled, “pet food recall last call”? Who bought it? Does anyone even know the withdrawal time for melamine in pigs? Its effect on pig physiology? Or did they swallow the “16-death” pet food company party-line and consider any potential porcine casualties acceptable losses?

How many pet food execs does it take to change a light bulb? Apparently, the same number of hog farmers the same task requires.

To be fair, so far we don’t know who knew what…and when. But one thing is becoming clearer with each new piece of news: at least one in-the-know buyer and one in-the-know seller on either side of the pig/pet food equation was involved.

Now, these are ordinarily intelligent human beings. Sure it may hurt your chances somewhat to be a member of either group when it comes to you kid’s Career Day, but both professions are known for their well-honed ability to make money out of almost anything edible. So what went wrong in this instance?

Did the headlines of the previous month not register in their media-addled brains? Or did they just (somehow) manage to convince themselves they could get away with it?

I don’t know the answer. And congressional hearings on the subject are unlikely to shed any more light on this bad behavior. It’s obvious to me their reasons were motivated by the same ugly human trait that both spawned and propagated the recall: greed.