Saudi Arabia recently debuted one of its newest blue-law style bits of legislation: no more pets.

Last month the Middle Eastern nation’s leaders arrived at this decision after fundamental Islamist factions lobbied successfully against pets of all types. As of a couple of weeks ago, non-agricultural animals may not be bought or sold in the country.

If you’re like me, by now you’re wondering which Koranic scripture might speak specifically against keeping pets in the home. None that I can find in my English to Arabic version. My guess: dogs are considered unclean by Muslims and, by extension, all other pets are tainted, too. But hey, women are unclean once a month and they still get to live inside. I see some inconsistencies here.

And wait…didn’t Mohammed have a cat? I distinctly recall that he praised the cat for its aesthetics, grace, and independence. I guess he didn’t keep it inside his house—that must be the rub.

According to Islamic leaders in Saudi Arabia, at issue is the tradition of pets—or lack thereof. Until recently, it has not been commonplace for Muslims to have pets—dogs, especially. Pet keeping is considered a peculiarly Western idea. As such, having a pet is exemplary of the Western culture cannibalizing the Muslim world with its insidiously cancerous concepts.

The police in Saudi Arabia are closing down pet stores and other establishments where pets are sold. Presumably, existing pets are exempt, but as of now, it is not clear. Whether the legislation will ban pets entirely in the near future. Veterinarians who treat pets seem concerned but are nonetheless secure in their belief that those who already have pets will fight dearly for the right to continue keeping them.

Amazing…a culture where no progress, no fashion, and no iterations of the current culture may exist. How is it they’ve overlooked televisions, radios and—God forbid!—the Internet?

How ironic that of all the cultural detritus Saudi Arabia has absorbed from the West, the one thing it elects to ban outright is perhaps the best thing we have to offer.