Make no mistake: Dr. Dolittle is not my favorite literary figure. He is, however, the inspiration for many children eager to devote their lives to the practice of veterinary medicine. Hence, the title moniker for this blog. Plus, I get a kick out of comparing myself to Eddie Murphy and some goofy, old, white man with his stethoscope trained on a hippo’s ass.

It always impresses me how innocently (and probably prematurely) many like me make our career choices. To be sure, there are many other vets who more cautiously enter the field after a college experience fostered a love of science the human medical field couldn’t fulfill (given managed care and other pitfalls). But most of us have always felt a deep connection with our pets and other animals that seemed to point in one direction only.

And we’re not alone. I’m constantly introduced to people who tell me they had always dreamed of being a vet and would have pursued it but for: mediocre grades in college, a hatred of mathematics, an inability to abide the sight of blood, the unwillingness to perform euthanasia, etc.

So how many potential great doctors has my profession lost to a few technicalities I don’t even necessarily consider relevant? Way too many.

This blog is for all of you; and for all the still-hopeful, the serious wannabees, and everybody else out there who consider themselves pet-freaky, vet-curious, or medically inclined.

I hope all of you can slog through the gross parts and patiently indulge me my personal whims, whatever they may be. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire you to make a career change…or perhaps even tame your guilt at never having pursued your childhood dreams. After all, every profession has its downside, even one where you work with your first love and your days never fail to entertain you…At least that’s what I keep telling myself.