July 14th, 2006 (Bastille Day: repent Zidane!)

Last night I was informed that my blog is too negative. Now, this comes from a well-respected source so I’m not about to dismiss it out of hand. He contends that my delivery is vent-oriented. (Like central air? What exactly do you mean?).

Apparently, and I don’t disagree, I’m too self-effacing and don’t write enough about how fabulous my job is and how incredibly I do it. (OK, so he’s my boyfriend, he better think I’m the bomb.)

So he qualifies: It’s just that you seem to write therapeutically. You get out all your frustrations in your blog. (OK, and tell me something I don’t know.)

Is it wrong, then, to release my tensions in a extra-professional forum or would you rather I take it out on an unsuspecting public?

His contention: That I am taking it out on said public.

This argument is flawed in that it assumes someone [other than my frinds and family] is reading this. But I'll relent nonetheless. Starting today, I promise to be more positive and write about how amazing I am. (Somehow I thought I was already doing that.)