July 13th, 2006

Thursday. Walked in the door this morning drenched from this week’s unrelenting, paroxysmal cloudbursts. That was after spending two hours waking, feeding, dressing and taxiing my 8-year-old to the dreaded basketball summer camp (not his thing—don’t ask, it’s a long story). In the hospital’s waiting room, guess what I found? Six clients looking mighty worried about how long they’d likely be here.

In other words, my favorite kind of a day. With four scheduled surgeries and four out of six waiting room occupants sporting emergency patients, I was in my element. I quickly downed my coffee and filled up three rooms—X-ray, surgery, and one waiting room. 90 minutes later had all either been sent home or hospitalized. Phew. Onto the surgeries.

There’s nothing worse than being bored. And I have no patience for people who complain about too much work. With so many people out of work and opportunities I’m thankful for every patient that walks in the door. God bless `em.