Sterilization. What an ugly word. That must be why so many pet owners don’t have it done to their dogs and cats.

If you’re reading this and don’t show your pet or actively participate in a breed club, my opinion is that you have few excuses for getting out of this one—especially with regards to your cat (no excuses).

Rhode Island will go one further: If you don’t possess a breeder’s license or permit, soon it won’t be legal to keep your cats past six months of age unless they’re spayed or neutered.

Finally! Someone has legislated something really useful for pets!

It seems shocking that California hasn’t led the nation on this one. And what keeps other states from doing the same?

It seems that Rhode Island’s pet overpopulation problem has reached such extremes that its residents can no longer abide it. Will the rest of us have to suffer the same before we get there too? I hope not.