July 25th, 2006

Tuesday. What improvement! The kitten’s leg is beginning to yield to our ministrations. After a particularly aggressive physical therapy session I could feel some muscle give way (rip, actually) from the healing bone it was attached to.

Now that he’s up after the anesthesia we administered for this procedure, the kitten is sore and unhappy. A pain-relieving patch has to be applied to attend to his pain.

We’ll keep working but I still expect a long road of physical therapy. It’s at this point I always consider whether an amputation might not be the best course. What course will result in less suffering in the long run, I wonder…

If it were up to me the leg would have come off long ago. This may sound cruel but housecats are excellent three-leggers. If nothing else, an amputation is a lot quicker and a lot less painful than what I’m putting him through now. I hope his parents come to that understanding as well.