Sweet Garth Martinez, named for, you guessed it, Mr. Brooks himself. Unfortunately, Garth is as old as his namesake’s first hit song. And Garth, an arthritic Golden Retriever, is currently incapable of moving easily outside of anything that may be considered a low place. He’s having some trouble getting up from a down position.


Rimadyl has helped him some but it seems Metacam does more for him at this point. I’m also adding in some Ultram to the mix to see what effect this has on his mobility.

Garth’s owners are incredibly motivated to do anything they can to improve his quality of life. Physical therapy (except swimming since Garth hates the water), drugs, cataract surgery, cardiology consultations, vitamins, whatever…

Soon, Garth will no longer be with us but I can rest assured that until he’s gone he’ll be among the best cared for dogs I’ve had the pleasure to minister to.