Today deserves one of those smarmy happy face illustrations that mark so many bloggers, entries. Which begs the question: why do they feel the need to visually identify their day’s emotion with some universal logo that can’t even begin to capture the essence of anything? Another sign of the times. Let 'em know where you stand immediately so the overloaded synapse freeway can pull over and catch its breath for a millisecond as it ponders which neurotransmitters to provide based on your need for either trash-talk or the touchy-feely. What a demoralizing world we often choose for ourselves.

But anyway, on to the touchy-feely crap:

Today I saved a dog’s life. Yep. Me. All me. I’m the goddess of the dog world today. St. Peter’s putting a little happy face next to my picture and all that.

Max came in for a dentistry but he received a deep abdominal palpation first. Oops! A big lump on his spleen. Two X-rays, bloodwork, one ultrasound, and a visit to the surgeon revealed a near-exploding mass on his spleen that would have exsanginated him within hours.

I’m the veterinary genius of the day. Endorphins rule!