I love nothing more than late night visits with my patients. After dinner or a night out on South Beach, checking on my little charges makes me feel both satisfied at a job well done and comfortable when I get into bed later.

When I walk in the back door of the hospital after braving the dark alley (always a stress but never a deterrent), the fabulous aroma of pets and antiseptic combined make me nostalgic for my youth, for some reason. Could be that I’ve worked here since I was a ten year-old.

And the privacy…

Oooh, that fabulous, alone-in-one's-element feeling—like I imagine a swimmer feels after a mile in the pool—when the endorphins take over and you feel unstoppable.

It’s sad, really, when walking into a South Beach club at midnight (so glamorous) is no longer as satisfying as smelling dog poo and cat pee.