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So, I’m getting excited for the return of DogTown at the end of August. And now that we're only a few weeks away, I don't know what to do with myself. I’m very impatient.


But as we wait, I'd like tell you about the coolest part of the Best Friends sanctuary -- the Wild Friends section.


If you guessed this was for wild animals, you guessed correctly (although there’s no prize, I’m afraid, since it was a super-easy guess). The reason Wild Friends is so cool is that they take in animals who’ve been orphaned or injured and can no longer fend for themselves in the wild.


And it’s not just birds, but wildcats, snakes, and lizards, too … if it’s a wild animal and it needs help, you're going to find it there.


Of course, Best Friends have a special license for this, which is their way of telling you not to try it at home. Seriously, though, they not only rehabilitate the animals -- because it’s their goal to return them to the wild if they can -- but the animals are also used as educational tools so people can learn about our wild friends, how they in their natural habitat, and how important conservation is. And not just for our own purposes, but for everything else that lives on this planet.


After all, it’s their home, too, and they’re not the ones systematically destroying it!


If you’re worried about the wild animals that can no longer make it in the wild, don’t be. They’re set up with a comfortable home at the sanctuary, which sounds good to me.


Wild Friends even offers a place for exotic pets people have decided, for whatever stupid reason, they no longer want. Whether set “free” by their owners, or given away, Best Friends takes these exotic animals and cares for them and yes, works to find them new, loving homes.


You see, exotic pets, when raised in captivity, are not capable of living out in the wild -- they simply do not have the necessary skills. Set 'em free and they will die.


So lucky for us Best Friends is around. Go check out the Wild Friends web site here. They give you lots of information about what to do if you find a wild animal, and they have plenty of amazing stories about the animals located on their compound.


Next week I’ll tell you about some of them. See you then!