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Of course, I’m not gong to list all of the dogs up for adoption at Best Friends -- that would make this quite possibly the world’s longest blog entry, and while that might earn me a paragraph in the Guinness Book of Records, I fear my fingers might go on strike at about page 150… So instead, I’m going to bring you two fine adoptable specimens.


I clicked on the Best Friends site to see who was up for adoption and their little showcase page for dogs had this amazingly gorgeous Shepherd there.


Her name is Champagne, and I’m guessing she got this name because of the color of her coat. Yep, you guessed it, she’s a lovely champagne color. Perfect if you’re a fan of the bubbly (and perfect even if you’re not, but if you were looking to love a beautiful dog, and accessorize with your favorite tipple, then this might be the dog for you!).


In all seriousness, the reason she found her way into the care of Dogtown is she’s extremely shy. So shy, it’s difficult for people to get a feel for her, so she’s been often overlooked in favor of more social dog.


Perhaps "social" isn’t the right word, since Champagne is most definitely not an anti-social dog. She poses no threat, doesn’t get vicious when confronted and is, in fact, nice to other dogs!


And when you get to know her, she will come out of her shell and play. She loves being petted and loves toys, as all good dogs do.


She’s good on the leash and has a sweet personality. Doesn’t it break your heart she is still looking for that one home where she can just be herself with people she knows and loves?


Then there’s Dean, a young Siberian Huskie, born in 2007. Dean is pretty exuberant and could use a little training, but he’s a fun and loving dog, with plenty of pep left in those paws of his. So if you have energy, then Dean could be the one for you! He also needs someone with patience, but isn’t that all puppies, or dogs that think they’re still puppies, need? And the rewards are very much worth it.


Dean is a big fan of squeaky toys (I know a lot of dogs who are, too, they’re just like toddlers, aren’t they? The more noise the better!). He’s also social, a fan of petting, and while he’s fine with other dogs, it’s recommended he’s introduced first, just to see if they get along … he has been known to get into altercations before.


The sad thing is they think Dean has always been a stray. He’s never known a loving home and what it can bring him. And while life at best friends is great, it’s still not the same as having a family to belong to.


See you next week!