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Hello all, did you miss me? Well, okay, most likely not me, but I bet you’re hankering for the story of the last two dogs from the "Saving Michael Vick Dogs" episode or the "Vicktory" dogs, as they call them down on DogTown.


Before we tell their story, I really want to say it’s both fantastic and remarkable on the part of the Dogtown team that they found homes for the 36 rescued dogs (and clearly since Dogtown didn’t take all of the Michael Vick dogs in, the other no-kill sanctuaries were quite noble, too).


It’s just such an uplifting part of this very tragic and horrid tale. It reminds me of a classic fairy tale, except this is real life. All dogs deserve the chance to realize how life is actually meant to be: one full of love, happiness, companionship, safety, and comfort.


After all, animals are some of the most loving and devoted companions. I think we all owe it to all our furry (and scaled and feathered) friends to give them the very best that life that offer. The happiness that they bestow upon us should be returned. They should not be sad, nor should our hand ever injure them.


But I digress.


Onward to the final two pit bulls from the Michael Vick rescue dog story.


Denzel came to Dogtown as a very social pup. His happiness and zest for life was like a sign around his neck saying, "Hey, I’m a miracle dog, and I’ve come out of this horrifying ordeal without much scarring."


Alas, this was not the case. Soon after arriving at Dogtown, Denzel was diagnosed with a deadly illness, babesia, acquired from ticks. The vets work hard to save Denzel with infusions and other forms of treatments. Because when such a lovely dog finally has a chance to live the fantastic life he was born to lead, how can anyone give up?


Luckily, Denzel responded to his new treatments and is now in remission. Dr. Patti was very hopeful, indeed. And for good reason, he is now close to earning his Canine Good Citizen certification, and will hopefully one day find a loving home, despite the fact that he cannot be around other dogs.


The last dog, Meryl, was so unpredictable and aggressive towards her kind that the courts declared her "unadoptable." She must now live her life at the Dogtown sanctuary. Perhaps others would just let her be, but this dog is special, and trainer Ann is determined to teach Meryl, a dog taught to protect and live through her teeth, that there’s more to life.


Meryl is doing well. She’s got herself a special training program, set up by Ann, that teaches her confidence without the need to lash out in fear. Meryl deserves a happy life, and Dogtown is well on their way to giving that to her. Because if she has to live anywhere, Dogtown is pretty much a great place to be.


And that’s it for this week. I know I gave you another two-parter, but this really was an important episode and the story of the "Viktory" pit bulls is one the whole world needs to be aware of.


See you next week.