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We excitedly twittered about last week’s episode before it came on, but…no show!


Talk about disappointed. Ever since I discovered the show DogTown, I’ve become addicted, and so have those of you who "watch" vicariously through my weekly blogs.


Even though there wasn’t a show (according to the National Geographic website, DogTown will be back with a brand-new episode this coming Friday night, so watch out for the episode synopsis to come…), I thought this was a great opportunity to tell you about Best Friends Animal Society, the group behind DogTown.


Best Friends is truly remarkable. Started in the late ‘80s, their motto is both simple and beautiful: "kindness to animals builds a better world for all of us." They believe in no kill shelters, taking in unwanted animals or those deemed “unadoptable.” Their mission is to find homes for all the animals they find, and they are working to build a world where there are no more homeless pets.


The thing is, they take in animals that have special needs. Animals with both physical and behavioral issues. They don’t care if a pet is bedraggled, dirty or scrawny. They feed them, treat them and make them look their best again.


After that, the goal is, as we’ve seen on DogTown, to find the right home. And no matter what the animal, they are dedicated to doing just that. One great thing about this group is if the animal is too sick, old or traumatized for adoption, then the pet gets to live his life in comfort with lots of love and care, courtesy of both staff and the countless volunteers that help Best Friends do what they do best: rescue animals.


The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which accommodates about 2,000 dogs and cats and other assorted creatures every day, is nestled in Angel Canyon in southern Utah. Apart from Dogtown, they have other sections of their sanctuary dedicated to other animals: Rabbit House, Horse Haven, Cat World, Piggy Paradise, Wild Friends and Parrot Garden, to name a few.


Isn’t it great to know that all our animal friends are receiving the love and help of Best Friends?


Check them out. Go to www.bestfriends.org and see what they’re all about.


And I’ll see you here next week, with some fresh new stories from Dogtown.