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Today, while riding my bike on the mean streets of New York City, I passed a guy with his pooch sitting in the basket of his bicycle. The dog was cute and looked very much at home in his environmentally friendly chariot.


What’s this got to do with my DogTown three-part mega blog? Nothing, apart from it reminded me to get on home and start writing about the last two of the dogs, Remington and Ruger.


Remington and Ruger were two outdoor hounds that came from an abandoned site that had once housed a polygamist sect (Dogtown is most definitely juicy, and Haute!). Unwanted dogs were usually euthanized in those parts, so the fine folk of Dogtown stepped in and rescued them.


There were two things their trainer had to deal with: 1) Remington and Ruger were inseparable, and 2) the dogs had never set a paw inside a house.


This might not seem like a lot, but when you think about it, one dog is going to fare a better chance at adoption than an inseparable sibling duo. And no one is really going to want to adopt a dog with absolutely no housetraining or even basic indoor manners.


First up on the agenda was coaxing the hounds into spending some time apart -- it seemed as if they'd been in each other's company their whole lives. A slow process, but a successful one. Not to mention, a good step towards becoming adoptable.


The second thing was to get them used to being indoors and prep them for any domestic challenge that might come their way. It looked fun, actually. Much like an indoor obstacle course, but instead of readying them for armed combat, Dogtown trained them to become indoor pets.


Remington was adopted by a great family. But unfortunately, while he became great pals with one of the family’s dogs, their cats didn’t approve. So poor Remington was packed off back to Dogtown, again. This, however, highlights the dedication the Best Friends Animal Society has towards their no-kill policy -- taking back any of their previously adopted animal for any reason.


Ruger, meanwhile, was adopted into a family with another dog, Hawkeye. Ruger and Hawkeye became the best of great friends. But what about poor Remington?


While Remington had many offers of a new home, none were quite right. A local couple, Ingrid and Tino, who volunteer for Dogtown took a special liking to him. Three of their dogs had recently passed away, and though upsetting, it made room for Remington. He fit in perfectly!


I think I got a bit weepy when Remington and Ruger had a family reunion on the show. There’s nothing like dogs being so happy to see a loved one, even after a long time apart. They’re so happy with their new human family and animal friends, but sometimes, there’s nothing like saying hello to an important someone from your past…


Well, that’s it for the "Life After Dogtown" episode. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this week’s episode, "A Fresh Start."


See you then!