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I don’t know if it meant anything, but as I sat down to type this blog, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel came on my iPod.


I only mention it, because as you see the dogs on DogTown and get lost in their eyes, you really feel the words from the song "I don't like to see so much pain."


Anyway, this is the second installment of the "Life After Dogtown" episode (see the first part here). We last talked about the amazing Tuffy and little Wiggles. Now it’s time for Aristotle and Johnny.


First up, Aristotle, the pink Jack Russell. Oh, that little doggy … when he arrived at Dogtown, he was an absolute mess. Normally a handsome fellow, Aristotle was rescued from one of those awful animal hoarders. His living environment was atrocious, causing him to develop the most severe skin condition I’ve ever seen. He couldn’t even close his eyes and only had one little tuft of fur left on his body.


Needless to say, Aristotle was not feeling good. But the thing was, he looked at you as if it didn’t matter. He looked at you as if the people around him were the most important thing in the world to him. That just broke my heart. We were looking at a puppy who was in pain, had been a victim of neglect, but he just loved you unconditionally.


Among other conditions, Aristotle was suffering from a severe case of mange. He faced months of rehab, including dips and medicated baths. And through all of this, he took it like a little champ. Luckily, his hair did start growing back!


Aristotle, or Ari, as he's sometimes called, is a cool little dude now. He wears the latest in dog fashions, and even sports sunglasses for his beach appearances (he even made it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show). And his new owners? They helped nurse him back to full strength and have a loving companion to show for it!


And then there was Johnny. Basically, this dog was treated like an untrainable pooch. Despite his potential, people, including his former owners (boo!) and trainers, labeled him as "too dumb to learn," which made him nearly unadoptable at Dogtown. Few want a dog that can't seem to follow even the most simple of commands.


However, it didn't take long for the Dogtown trainer to teach Johnny to associate treats with good behavior. With this newfound ability, he was quickly adopted.


And what of Johnny's adopted family? They couldn't believe so many others had just given up on his ability to learn. Sure, Johnny may be stubborn, but he was also very smart. He's almost like a cat that way. In fact, the only way to get Johnny to obey commands when he gets in one of his disobedient moods, is to call the cats in for their dinner. That's when Johnny will come running.


Tune in tomorrow for the final two dogs from the "Life After Dogtown" episode … Remington and Ruger. You don't want to miss it!