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By Diana Waldhuber


Wow, this week’s episode of DogTown followed not one, but six dog stories. And there was a twist! Because of the twist, I'm splitting up this blog into a three-day extravaganza -- two dogs per day.


Now where was I? Oh yeah, this episode followed six dogs: Wiggles, Aristotle, Remington, Ruger, Tuffy, and Johnny -- all of which had been taken in by Dogtown, treated for their injuries and illnesses, rehabilitated (and not the Amy Winehouse type of rehab!), and then adopted out.


It was not only a follow-up on their lives, but a way to say thanks to the people at Dogtown who'd saved them from certain death.


First up was Wiggles. This little dog was discarded like trash before being rescued and taken to Dogtown. Wiggles walked drunkenly and was prone to falling over, not to mention Wiggles' inability to control his bowels (we’re talking a lot of accidents here!). Dogtown suspected this to be the reason he was dumped. Seriously, these people were heartless fools.


Wiggles may have had problems, but he also was adorable, loveable, and had the sweetest personality you’d ever seen in a dog. Unfortunately, the vet believed Wiggles’ problems were congenital and therefore most likely untreatable. He would always be the uncoordinated pup with the pooping problem.


No matter, Wiggles and the people at Dogtown found someone who wanted him. However, there was a hitch. The woman interested in Wiggles owned many birds, so they took Wiggles to the Best Friends bird sanctuary to test his reaction when placed in an environment full of feathered creatures. Wiggles paid no mind to the birds and was quickly adopted by the woman.


Final report on Wiggles: his family loves him and his ability to make them all laugh. Even his involuntary pooping is at an all time low. Wiggles is now their lifelong companion, drunken, unbalanced walk and all.


The second DogTown update was about Tuffy (warning: tissue alert!). He was found along with 150 dogs who had belonged to a now deceased animal hoarder. Only a little puppy, Tuffy was constantly being attacked by the other starving, dehydrated dogs. Tuffy's injuries were so badly infected, in fact, that Dogtown staff members didn't know if he'd make it. It took a week's worth of operations just to clean out the wounds, but Tuffy looked to be a real fighter.


It was a miracle! No longer the scared, injured puppy, Tuffy began to make friends at his foster home. With his tummy still bandaged and a cone on his head, Tuffy ventured out and made doggy friends within the first few minutes. Bouncing and playing around, Tuffy was just like a normal puppy -- full of life and love and innocence.


Tuffy now lives with a great family. He gets along with the kids and the other dogs, and there are no signs of either physical or emotional scars. He is just a loving, happy dog that has a very special place in the hearts of the people at Dogtown.


Tune in tomorrow for the stories of Aristotle and Johnny …