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By Diana Waldhuber


Okay I admit it. I’m completely addicted to DogTown. Normally I keep far away from reality TV, but this is different. For one, it’s about the incredible spirit and tenacity of our doggy friends. The fact that these dogs, some of whom have been treated badly, can bounce back and show love is remarkable. A lot of people could learn a lesson or two from the hope and spirit of these animals.


This week we met three very different dogs. First up, Chico. His human family gave him up because Chico's strong prey drive led him to kill the family’s pet Yorkie and some chickens. The trainer’s difficult task: teach Chico how to behave properly.


I wasn’t sure they’d be able to get Chico in line. I mean, he was obviously smart, but his behavior needed some work ... and you know what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks. Well, the trainer did eventually worked his magic on Chico, and now Chico knows his boundaries and is able to be around smaller dogs without wanting to attack them. Chico may be the longest serving resident at Dogtown, but I’m sure he’ll end up finding a loving family quickly.


The second dog was a lovely dog named Scone. Scone arrived at the sanctuary severely underweight and with a mysterious old injury to his hind legs. He did finally eat and put on some weight, but his injury prevented him from running properly. Nevertheless, this is one special dog that deserves a good home. Scone's upbeat attitude and happiness really leaps right off of the TV screen.


The last dog was a puppy named Tuxedo. He was so sick with salmonella poisoning when he arrived at Dogtown, that they weren't sure if he would survive. Tuxedo did pull through, but the illness left him blind. It was utterly heartbreaking.


Tuxedo, however, was extremely adorable and willing to learn. He did so well, in fact, his trainer thought he had regained his vision. Alas, he could not see, but he was smart enough to adapt to his new circumstance. The Dogtown staff was even able to rehabilitate him and get him used to his new surroundings, other animals, even the doggy doors. By the end of the show, Tuxedo was placed in a loving home.


This is must-see TV, people. DogTown is not only entertaining, it's a musing on the real meaning of love and hope.