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In a week fraught with the news that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson departed these here lands for a better place, I thought it would be a good time to talk about some of our lesser-discussed friends.


And no, I’m not talking about Paris Hilton.


Since DogTown is still on hiatus, let's talking about one of the other charming places on the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary: Piggy Paradise.


Isn’t that a fabulous name? Yeah, I thought so! And even more fabulous is the fact it’s home to a friendly group of potbellied pigs.


It was all started when a pig named Molly wandered on in (or was actually rescued) and was given a home. Now, there are around 12 pigs living high on the hog, yearning for a home.


A home for a pig? If you didn't know, potbellied pigs make great pets. Just ask the luscious George Clooney, whose pet pig, Max, remained his best piggy friend until he went to the Great Sty in the Sky.


Unfortunately, like with so many fads in the pet world, the potbellied pig was bred by unscrupulous people and now there are pigs without pens. Some pigs had to be given away because when their people moved, they found they were in violation of zoning laws (pigs are classed as farm animals!), and some were abandoned because their naive owners didn’t think they’d actually grow.


But if you go and check out the Best Friends website you can meet a host of pigs, including the office pig, Britney. I doubt she’s named after Ms. Spears, so fans, don’t hate. Revel in the fact this pig has a fancy cape and tiara. I want a custom-made tiara – don’t you? Yeah, I thought so….


Anyway, pigs rule at Piggy Paradise! Check ‘em out! And, excitingly, there was an ad for DogTown on Hulu tonight. I got very excited. Dogtown is a great show and I can’t wait for more episodes. Just like I can’t wait to read more about the different aspects of the sanctuary each time.


Do you know the best thing about blogging about Best Friends? You get to see how animals, even in harsh times, are resilient. It really puts things into perspective and soothes the soul.


See you next week!