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Last week’s episode was once again a repeat. And since I had already blogged about it, I figured I’d tell you all about one of the other parts of the sanctuary where DogTown is filmed: Cat World.


If you guessed Cat World is the place where all the rescued kitties reside, then you win a gold star! Personally, I’d love to see a Catworld show to compliment DogTown, but so far, I don’t think that’s going to happen. So I’ve done the next best thing and visited the Best Friends website (www.bestfriends.org) to check out the kitties and their stories.


You should, too. It’s a really cool place to spend some free time -- or waste away the last few minutes of the day in kitty heaven…


The Cat World part of the sanctuary has lots of different parts. But all the rescue cats start in the same place: Happy Landings. This is where they get to relax for two weeks, and where they go through tests to make sure they don’t have any communicable diseases, before joining the rest of the kitties.


All the healthy, friendly and fabulous felines go to the adoption houses where (you guessed it) they’re up for adoption. But it doesn’t stop there. Best Friends also takes part in a mobile adoption program as well as an exchange program where the easily adoptable cats are exchanged for ones with special needs from high activity shelters. This is a win-win situation, where all the cats win. The ones who need care get to go live in comfort at Cat World, while the ones ready for a home get situated for a new family


Of course, they have special houses for the kitties with FIV, as well as a house for the cats with special problems like incontinence and neurological disorders. And like everything at Best Friends, they get lots of love and friendship, both from people and from other kitties.


I think two favorite rooms at Cat World must be The Nursery and the one where the wild cats live.


Clearly, everyone loves a fuzzy baby kitty. And if I ever visited The Nursery (or any other part of Cat World), I’d come home with a whole bevy of cats (which would make my cat very displeased, indeed). The great thing about The Nursery is they put all the kittens together to acquire feline social behavior. The babies also gain playmates and snuggle partners for those lonely nights.


The wild cats, meanwhile, are the feral felines. Best Friends believes in the spay/neuter/release program for stray cats, which allows the cats to live their lives without adding more kittens to the homeless cat population. But sometimes a cat may not be able to look after herself anymore in the wild outdoors. Or what if her home has been destroyed? That’s where Cat World comes to the rescue! These cats get to live their lives in peace and if they want to bond with people, they do.


Anyway, go check out Cat World and all the awesome cats there at www.bestfriends.org/atthesanctuary. Who knows, you may find yourself a new best friend.


See you next week!