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Yep, we’re still on hiatus from new Dogtown episodes. I’d say, "for shame, for shame," but it actually gives me a chance to chat about another part of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.


Horse Haven.


No, Elizabeth Taylor doesn’t frequent there, reliving her National Velvet days (although maybe she should; I’m not saying she needs to be prancing about pretending to be in the movie that launched her career, just that she’d probably enjoy visiting the horse). It is, in fact, a home for horses, donkeys, mules, goats, even sheep; a place for them to rest and heal. The large tracts of land are covered with pastures and canyons, canyons in which horses and their pals get to frolic, run, and muck about -- some areas were even once used for old Western films!


Old horses have quiet, flat paddocks to play horsey shuffleboard, and foals have hills for to run up on and explore. Seriously, this place is like a cruise ship -- something for everyone -- except way more fun.


Best Friends, being who they are, believe in a holistic approach to caring for the animals, many of which have special needs. Rather than only treating their physical ailments and sending them away, they treat their emotional wounds, too, and train them for adoption. After all, adoption is much easier if you can trust people, right?


Best Friends adopt horses out whether they’re ridable or not. Some are just plain past their days of being saddled up. Others just can no longer deal. But they’re determined to find a home for all of them, whether it’s just a horsey friend you can hang with and love or one you can ride.


Of course, there are the horses who can't be adopted out; these animals, however, lead a fabulous life of luxury with the best of friends. In fact, they have school kids come in and learn how to care for horses, which will hopefully create a more aware generation of people when it comes to animals and their worth.


It sounds a pretty sweet place to be. And, to be honest, while my mother always bought me horse books because apparently girls are meant to be horse crazy at some stage in their young life, I never was. But, I think that horse haven has kind of made me want to get all "Western" -- a la Billy Crystal in City Slickers -- and start helping out.


This is what Best Friends and their animal sanctuary does to me.


I’ll see you next week!