It's been four-plus years since I embarked on this quest to blog about all things animal health. Dolittler was my first blog — starting circa December 2005. DailyVet followed three and a half years later. And while you may not know this, both blogs have existed concurrently ever since...

...which is a lot of work. In case you've never tried to maintain two blogs, it's sort of like juggling dogs (a pastime I don't recommend). The analogy goes like this: once one goes up, you have to start working on the second one. And sometimes they have a way of biting at me (and at each other) in the process.

Which is why I often don't get to your comments like I should.

Which is why I don't always post pics and go the extra mile when I know I should.

All of which will be remedied (we can only hope) with this emerging amalgam of Dolittler and DailyVet in Fully Vetted. The Dolittler crowd is a few days behind us as we soft launch. In the meantime, please let me know how this new blog format works for you. Please don't hesitate to voice your opinion.

And while we're at it, please offer up your favorite blog topics for the weeks, months and years to come. In case you didn't know this about me, I'm always happy to entertain your ideas. I may not always take you up on them or have time to respond to your email with a thanks, but please know that I read everything that crosses my "desk."


Dr. Patty Khuly

PS: I dug up my VERY first Dolittler post from way back on December 15th, 2005. It's up to you to judge whether I've maintained the standards I pledged to uphold way back when. Here's what I wrote:

Hello, and welcome. Let’s be friends...

At the very least, let me try to be interesting to you.

This is my newest form of entertainment: keeping a blog to keep non-vets abreast of the tremendous variety of issues we face in vet medicine. Although it’s a great career, and I’m so thankful I had the luck to get into it and the tenacity to stay with it, it’s not always a bucketful of roses. In fact, it’s often more akin to a litterbox full of foul smelling you-know-what. But one thing I can say is this: It’s always challenging.

My goal is to satisfy your curiosity and maybe enlighten you on some things you may never have cause to consider in the world of animal health. Sometimes it’s not pleasant and sometimes I’ll sound like an opinionated b---- but I’m going to stick to my goal. If we’re all lucky, you’ll have fun while I entertain myself — and hopefully, you’ll manage to learn something, too