Inquiring minds want to know … which are your favorite pet-related websites?

A good friend has charged me with the task of finding the best pet sites on the Internet. He seems to think that my blogging presence makes me some kind of Web-content guru.

I wish it were true, but sadly, that's just not possible. Not when you consider that I spend the bulk of my time either writing these posts or reading the comments that follow. After that, who’s got time to play online after hours? A girl’s gotta work, cook, clean, feed, read, knit and exercise, right?

So it’s up to you. I want to know where you smart people shop and buy your pet meds. Nosey me wants to know which blog rocks your world and what pet site finds you coming back for more, day after day. Is it buck-naked information that gets you going? Is it the community feel that grabs you? Or perhaps it's the personal touch that works for you?

Please, please, please let me know — for my own edification as well as my solicitous friend’s.

Dr. Patty Khuly