Yes, today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, another day on which to "celebrate" American pets’ dubious distinction as the most weighty in the world ... by recognizing that obesity is almost certainly the most highly treatable condition our pets suffer. 

Whether you know it and can’t fix it––or haven’t yet surrendered to the belief that your pet is as overweight as your veterinarian says it is––you’re in great company. Many of us find it as hard to keep the pounds off our pets as we do our own human frames. 

I know it’s hard to even talk about, so today I’ll keep it brief and helpful by sharing some of my favorite resources for starting a program to get excess weight off your pets.

For starters, here’s my popular article on the top ten excuses pet owners give for why their pets are overweight.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention hosts a website that has everything from calorie counts of the most common pet foods and treats to downloadable charts designed to help you get, and keep, your pets lean. 

Christie Keith’s amazing article on weight loss for cats is just about the best I’ve ever seen on the subject. Read it and consider her advice. In my experience, she is 100 percent reliable ... always. 

Here’s her take on dog weight loss, too.

The info is out there; the rest is up to you.

Dr. Patty Khuly