Over on DailyVet’s sister blog, Dolittler, we’re holding a contest. Because its results come in fast and furiously, I figured you all should be in on this too. 

We’re looking for a new blog title. The idea? A one pitch, perfect blog title that speaks to vet themes, a smart audience and a thoughtful approach to a wide range of pet issues.

Can you do it? 

The individual who comes up with the winning title gets a year’s free supply of their favorite (non-prescription) flea and/or tick medication for one lucky dog or cat. 

Of course, the winner also gets the benefit of knowing that he or she is responsible for drawing hundreds of thousands of new eyes to our site, by mere virtue of a clever turn of phrase. 

We’re looking for something different, so for those of you thinking along the lines of "VetTalk," please try and steer yourselves toward something more along the lines of "Vetted," the current top ranking title (over on Dolittler).

Want to suggest a title based on a phrase? Go ahead. Be creative. Be bold. But keep in mind, titles like "Heavy Petting with Dr. Patty Khuly" have already been rejected. So keep it clean, OK?

May the best animal-thinking wordsmith win!

Dr. Patty Khuly