I would. In a heartbeat. A GPS device is a great solution for those of us whose pets have a way of breaking loose and getting themselves into trouble. 

Though it’ll never replace the lowly ID tag or the now-standard microchip, a collar with a GPS locator can now be had for a reasonable fee. But then, I guess that all depends on what you consider reasonable. For example, if it were significantly more reasonable than the $300 most of these devices currently cost, I’d have bought a couple by now.

Nevertheless, these devices are attractive. After all, we all want to keep our dogs safe and secure. And should they roam, we want to know where to find them. 

But that’s not all the modern doggie GPS’s can do. Some can also tell you when "Bruno" has broken out of his enclosure. You can program it for an enclosure as small as eleven square feet, or for a huge yard. And as soon as he breaks through the gate, you will be alerted by cell phone directly to let you know.

Cool, right?

I guess that’s why FastCompany Magazine included the PAW SpotLight GPS Pet Locator on a top ten cool products for pets list. Here’s what they say about this fantabulous device: 

"Your cell phone can be a tracking device with this service ($250 plus $20 a month). If your dog -- who has to wear a business-card-size device -- exits one of the zones you've designated, a text message is sent to your phone. Live-updating turn-by-turn directions for finding the pooch will then be available on the phone. Or you can call AKC CAR, a 24/7 recovery service that has teamed with PAW."

It’s kind of neat … but still too rich for my homebody dogs' blood. But, if they were the roaming type, I’d be coughing up the cash. Promise. 


Dr. Patty Khuly