Last updated on December 17, 2015


Every year I pick out my favorite holiday gifts for pets. But this year I had so many options I had to split my annual post into three parts: One for cats, one for dogs and another for their people.


It is true that there are more products for dogs than for cats, but that is changing. Just to prove that cats are gaining more respect these days, the first post will tackle their gifts. Here goes:


1. The Drinkwell Pet Fountain: Still my favorite present for the cat who has everything except a good reason to drink. It can be fiddly to clean but it’s a great way to get more water into your cat (and we all know that’s a good thing). The Drinkwell 360 is touted as the best of the bunch.


2. The Cat Loft bed: I love this one. Your kitty can sleep next to you without hogging the bed (theoretically, anhyow). It’s pretty, if nothing else.


3. Automatic feeder for wet diets: You may be familiar with the time- and volume-released regulated automatic feeders for dry foods, but what about the wet or even raw feeders among you? Now you have a variety of solutions. Here’s a six-day dish that is reasonable priced.


4. The Furminator: All hail the Furminator (a-gain). In case you don’t have one yet, chances are you could probably use a Furminator. I’ve met few cats for whom it hasn’t made a significant difference in terms of enhanced fur quality and hairball-hurling reduction. Fat cats with flaky fur (‘cause they can’t reach to groom themselves) do especially well with this product. Indispensable, I say.


5. Crinkle Tunnel: Sort of like a grocery bag on steroids - but with no need to worry about accidental suffocation. There are a lot of different colors and brands to choose from.


6. An exercise-inducing feather toy: I like bird feather teasers for a few reasons. They have a nifty fishing rod design, so that you can wave the feather "bait" high up, tempting your cat to leap around in her attempts to catch it, or you can lower the rod to drag the feather bait on the ground, making kitty chase after. Best of all? It's under $10.


7. Fling-Ama String: This award winning battery operated cat toy provides hours of metabolism boosting fun, impressed cat owners say.


8. Any laser toy: Laser toys are the best for keeping indoor cats active. 


9. The Cat Dancer toy: An oldie, but a goodie. A simple toy, at the end of the hand held wire it has twisted cardboard pieces that gyrate as you move the wire. Still very popular after many years, and under $10 (under $5, even, in some locales).


10. Catnip-scented bubbles: Yep, for real. And cats seem to love 'em, which makes me wonder why scented bubbles haven't become popular before. There are several brands out there, some that even have a bubble blowing gun, but most come with the old fashioned blow-wand, for a more tactile play experience. The Crazy Cat Catch-A-Bubble is one of my favorites, but you may have to do some digging to find that brand.


OK, so now it's your turn to share some of your favorites.



Dr. Patty Khuly