Got a messy pet? One of my two dogs qualifies as one. Food just seems to stick to him. And when it isn't on him, it’s all over the floor right around the bowl. His water-slobber technique is even worse. Luckily, there’s now a new product to help mitigate his messiness.

Every year in Las Vegas there’s a cool conference called SuperZoo. At SuperZoo, you can find thousands of cool new pet products that make their debut each year. In 2009, one of the most top-ranked items to catch the eyes of the judges at was the Neater Feeder pet food bowls.

Spilled kibble lands in the surrounding tray, and spilled water drains away though the clever little holes placed in the top tray to the base tray below. It is so simple in concept that it’s enough to make you wonder why the Neater Feeder was not invented before this. Maybe it’s all the two-step microwave-and-drain entrees we’re now seeing in our frozen food aisles that finally sparked the inventor. Or, maybe - just maybe - it’s a result of being fed up with cleaning kibble up from under the refrigerator, again.

I, for one, welcome all kinds of cool new pet gadgets and tools into my household – especially if they will take the brunt of the cleanup. For instance, iRobot has a Roomba vacuum that is designed specifically for pet hair cleanup, and Swiffer Sweeper's new wet cloths are perfect for quick and flawless floor cleanup.

And my last, but not least recommendation is the Furminator hair brush. It is fantastic for conveniently removing your pet's excess hair, and is so thorough that most of the hair your pet would have shed onto your floors goes into a bag instead. This little brush is one of the best, in my opinion,

These are my faves. What are yours?

Dr. Patty Khuly